Commercial Truck Maintenance Checklist: Keep Your Fleet Running Smoothly

Box trucks in a row

Maintaining a commercial truck fleet is essential for businesses around Little Ferry, New Jersey. Keeping your trucks running smoothly and safely will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime. Here’s a checklist to help you keep your fleet up-to-date on maintenance:

Check Fluids Regularly

It’s important to check the oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer solvent levels regularly. Make sure all fluids are topped off as needed and that they meet manufacturer specifications.

Inspect Tires & Brakes

Tire pressure should be checked at least once per month or before long trips. Inspect tires for wear and tear such as bulges or cracks in the sidewalls of the tire. Also inspect brakes for signs of wear like grinding noises when braking or pulling to one side while driving. If any issues are found with either tires or brakes it’s best to have them serviced immediately by an experienced mechanic who specializes in commercial truck repair services.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance includes regular tune-ups which can include replacing spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters; checking belts; inspecting hoses; changing oil; lubricating parts; flushing radiators; rotating tires etc… All these tasks should be done according to manufacturer recommendations so that your vehicles remain reliable over time without unexpected breakdowns due to lack of preventative care.

Keep Track Of Repairs & Service Records

It's important to keep track of all repairs made on each vehicle including date, cost, type of service performed etc... This information can be used later if there is ever an issue with a particular part or system so that mechanics know what has already been done. Additionally, keeping accurate records helps ensure compliance with state regulations regarding vehicle safety inspections.

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